Dates of Mfg for a few Siren/controllers

I'm looking for when these sirens were first introduced:

Mastercom B
Smartsiren 2000SM
PA400 Interceptor
Siracom 2
B-Link (wasn't it around when the Edge was introduced?)
Touchmaster TM-4
Omega 90
80K Series
Cencom Grey
Cencom Red

Sorry for the long list. Thanks!


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Mastercom is around the early to mid 90s
Mastercom B is late 90s to mid 2000s.
Smart siren is also early 90s can’t say exactly when. Probably 92’.
PA400 probably early 2000s.
Siracoms were made around the 80s.
Touchmaster late 80s.
The 80ks also were in the 80s probably mid 80s.
The Omegas came around the same time as the Touchmaster in the late 80s.
The Touchmaster Delta came out in the early 2000s that’s for sure.
That’s all I pretty much know. I might be wrong on some of these though so take it with a grain of salt.
Awesome! Thank you! Didn't realize that there was such a gap between when Mastercoms and Mastercom B's began production. Also wouldn't have guessed that the PA400 began mfg that late and that TMDs are still recent enough.

The Omega and 80K series' mfg dates sound about right. I'm a fan of Unitrol sirens. Nothing else sounds like them. That and how Dunbar-Nunn more or less pioneered the control head back in the late 70s. Whelen's version of them aren't bad, but still not the same. Kinda like Diet Unitrol.


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B-Link came out around 94/95. my departments 96 Caprice 9C1s had B-Links installed by AV-Tech here in Denver at that time. They were quite the upgrade from the standard Edge 9000s that my department used since 1987.
B-Link came out around 94/95. my departments 96 Caprice 9C1s had B-Links installed by AV-Tech here in Denver at that time. They were quite the upgrade from the standard Edge 9000s that my department used since 1987.
Jeez, definitely a big upgrade from the "Robocop Era" Edges! Imho the only downside would be the wheeled whale Caprices of that era. I haven't heard good things about them from an uncle whose police service used them. Said that they were sluggish, hung around corners and had awful handling. It's funny though, because in high school I knew this kid who had a 95 or 96 9C1 he got in the US, IIRC, and turned it into a decent sleeper. Guy was a total dork in every way possible, but I'll say that his Caprice was nice. Only good thing that I could ever say about that dweeb!

My home city's police service switched over to B-Link and whatever the newest Edge variant of the time would've been when B-Link first came out or not too far from. They'd briefly tried the Vector and weren't impressed. Before that it was Aero 24 EAH TTs with PA300s and FS switchboxes. Replaced B-Link with one of the earlier Cencom versions, then went to Smartsirens with Edge Ultras for a bit in the early-mid 2000s, then to Cencom Gold in 2005-2006 or so with LED Edge Freedoms, then swapped those out for Arjents in 2008 and then went balls to the wall a couple years back with CanTrol and Liberty 2 DUOs and now Legacy DUOs with a mix of CanTrol and now seems like SoS nERGY 400s or maybe BluePRINT. They've always liked nice equipment.

Medium sized city with HUGE police, fire and EMS budgets means nice stuff. Funny part is that you still see some cruisers with Arjents! Moved up north a few months ago and going from that to seeing/hearing D&R equipment is a big change.


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The 91-93 9C1 Caprice had the same engine as the 89/90 Box style caprice, 195 HP 5.7L (there were other less powerful engine choices but most went with the 5.7L) But the fact that the SCUDS as we called them, (in reference to the SCUD Missiles from Desert Storm) or whale.. were more aero dynamic, gave the thing better acceleration and top speed. More room as well. They were quicker and more reliable vs the Crown Vics of that era.

Then in 94 when the de-tuned LT1 5.7L was added (260 HP which was a good amount for that time/era) it gave it the ummmph that was needed bad and had not been seen since the early 70s in RWD sedans. (The LT1 in the Camaros of those same years had 275 HP and the Vettes with the LT1 had 300HP) GM cleaned up the caprice design somewhat in 1993 by eliminating the ugly wheel well skirts and cleaned up the taillights. Regardless though, it took Ford until 2004 to get the HP bumped up to 250 HP but it was still always slower both in acceleration and top speed vs the 94-96 9C1 Caprice

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