Dead ROC Panel on CPD Legend?


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Ok got a surplus CPD Legend off the bay for cheap. Always a roll of the dice there!

Bar works well lest for the passenger side t/d not lighting. No biggie. Brake/turn signals don't work as I don't have a CPD serial controller. No biggie.

The biggie is that the inside driver's side board appears to be dead! Doesn't light up. Neither the LED modules or the halogen t/d. I'll check the connection between the board and the I/O board and see if that helps.

So if it's a buggered i/o board, how easy are these to come across to replace? I'll contact the seller and ask about spare parts or look around. Neither the i/o board or ROC panel have to be CPD. Finding those would complicate things. Would probably just remove and store CPD parts and overhaul the bar to be a standard b/b Legend or r/b, if need be. Wouldn't be a high priority project, that's for sure. Kinda wanted a CPD bar, but it is what it is.

Any suggestions of what might be going on and posdible fixes besides replacing panels and boards? Does it sound like the i/o board or the ROC panel? Would an i/o board from an Arjent S2 work? They seem to be a dime a dozen and for what it's worth, more or less the same bar.

EDIT: Checked the connection to the i/o board. No issues. Didn't tear the entire bar apart. I/o board looks like it's in rough enough shape due to heat. I'd hope that this is a connection issue, so taking the bar apart is in order.

Still looking for suggestions, though. I'd love to get this bar working, but given that it's a CPD bar, finding parts is going to be a major PITA! Also $$$!

Also, there's a second black cable from the bar. Has 20 ga red, black and green wires. Guessing that they're for the brake lights.
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Connect the passenger side ROC to the driver side connector. If it lights up, then you have a dead panel, if it doesn't then you have a dead side to the control board. Either is possible. This was the worst design federal ever came up with. I have ROC boards with blue LEDs and takedowns and also internal flashers if you need them.


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Thanks irishff. I'll PM you if anything's needed. No clue whatsoever as to why FS went with ROC. My best guess is money. One lighthead dead? Contact FS for a replacement. Warranty expired? Shell out major money. Wouldn't even want to know what they'd charge for ROC for a newer bar with an expired warranty. I'm thinking specifically of the Valor. It's just a lousy idea overall. Just opens the floodgates for more places something can fail. Their claim of making repairs easier is only applicable if an entire side goes dead and it's not the board. That, or upgrades and/or colour changes. But in the first case, that side's likely dead because of ROC. Just a very, very crappy gimmick by FS. Kinda like the Vista!

The Legend is a so-so bar imho. I don't dislike it, but it's not my favourite. Ditto for the Arjent. Just an oval Legend, imo. My take on those two bars were that they were from that time period where FS realized that Whelen was really beginning to dominate with lighting and scrambled to compete. Add in Feniex and SoS really starting to come into the picture and that's what their answers were. A run of the mill Liberty LC runs circles around either FS bar. Heck, a Liberty LFL does vs Arjent SLs and older Legends. Don't get me wrong, Solaris technology isn't bad at all; it's just that these bars were mediocre designs, imho.

Strangely, the Arjent really seemed to take off in certain regions. They were so popular in this region that you'll still see them on brand new patrol cars. CanTrol or Carbide running dual tone, Whelen aux lighting and an Arjent plunked on the roof. Halogen t/ds and alleys to boot! OPP used them and still hasn't completed replacing them with Legacy DUOs. The city police are following suit with DUO Legacies or Liberty IIs, but more often than not, you'll see an Arjent. Guess that the city police have a huge surplus of bars and parts.

Long and short is that the Legend is like a less effective and more complicated answer to the Liberty.


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Alrighty, so finally got around to looking at the bar's internals and easy peasey! Cable for that board want connected to the i/o board! That's it. Aside from a burnt out left alley, works beautifully!

Does anyone know what model of bulb the Legend's halogen alleys used? Or does it require a new lamp or ROC board altogether?

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