Diode to the 7-way plug?


I'm going to try to make this as short as possible, but I have a lot swirling in my head. So the scope is we are installing a warning light package, rewiring factory lights, adding LED marker light, installing interior lighting, and adding four 10" 100watt LED lightbars (flood/spot) in a cargo trailer.

Problem #1 - They want to use these LED lightbars via the 7-Way connector on the truck and have the ability to use them while the truck is disconnected with a generator. So is a diode coming from the junction box on the trailer side (12v aux/charging wire) to the 7-way good enough to protect the vehicle from getting backfed?

Problem #2 - I'm also having a heck of a time with these lightbars. I first hooked them up to a fuse block that was fed off the two batteries. I upgraded the wire in the harness to 14ga first . A couple of the runs were 25' at 4amps. So when I had all four bars going at the same time it would flicker and whine/hiss inside the bar. Tried multiple different things. I ended up putting my big battery maintainer on it at 15 volts and the problem went away. The company said that I can run these from 9-36 volts and shouldn't have an issue at even just 12v. Kinda of stuck right now. I completely disassembled everything last night and am going to try 12 ga wire on all connections from the relays and hook it directly up to the DC RV panel to see if it works better with the 13.8v it outputs when hooked to shoreline. Anyone ever run into this while adding multiple lightbars? Grounds are good and all terminations are heat-shrink butt connectors.

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