DIY: Ford Explorer LED Warning/Driving Light Conversion


Hello everyone! I am posting this "How-To" for those of you with 2002-2005 Ford Explorers (and possibly other makes/models) that are looking to replace your current OEM fog/driving lights with LED Warning/Driving lights. For this project I chose the Whelen PAR 28 as an "exact-size" fit. Below will be steps with corresponding pictures:

1) I found it easier to drive the truck up on ramps for easier access. Once on the ramps you will need a 1/4"ratchet with a short extension and a 7mm socket to remove the OEM assembly. Unplug the wire from the driving light bulb and tuck back to access the 3-7mm screws holding the assembly in place. (There are 2 on top at the 11 and 1 o-clock position and 1 on the bottom at the 6 o-clock position) Remove all three and take the housing out of the mounting location. Do this for both the left and right assembly.

photo 1.jpg

2) Disassemble the assemblies by removing the rear reflectors from the black mounting rings. NOTE: the glass lenses are glued in from the front and will come off by carefully cutting gasket with a utility knife and prying the lens off with two flat-tipped screwdrivers. Once the glass lens is removed you can scribe out the remaining residual glue with a flat screwdriver.

photo 1 (2).jpg

3) Using a Dremel tool with a cut-off wheel, cut the rear of the mounting ring (where the retaining clips hold the reflector in). Once cut off sand the remaining edge off until smooth.

4) Using .040 thick aluminum (or other similar material), make flat mounting plates, cut and trimmed to fit, to be attached to the plastic mounting rings.

5) Using 1/8" pop-rivets, attach the backing plates to the rings

photo 2 (2).jpg

6) Mark the center and drill a hole in the aluminum for the wires and boot to fit through. Measure, mark and drill the backing plates to correspond with the 4 mounting studs on the rear of the PAR 28's.

photo 3 (2).jpg

7) Using 4-#8 (1/2") sheet metal screws with hex heads CAREFULLY screw them into the studs protruding from the rear of the PAR 28 light head.

8) OPTIONAL: After dry-fitting everything, disassemble and paint your "NEW" mounting assembly satin black, let dry thoroughly and re-assemble.

photo 4 (2).jpg

9) Re-attach the new LED warning/driving light assembly to the vehicle, connect the wires to their proper locations and enjoy:celebrate:!

photo 4.jpg

photo 3.jpg



photo (1).jpg



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Great write up. I can't wait to get mine now and do it. No video? lol

The black headlights are a big improvement. Truck looks good


Eric1249 said:
Great write up. I can't wait to get mine now and do it. No video? lol

The black headlights are a big improvement. Truck looks good
Video is coming for the new lights...Thanks for the compliment on the headlights and truck...What do you think about the amber LED's under the headlights? Keepers?


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I can't tell you how much I (and probably many others on the board, although I speak for myself here) a detailed how to thread such as this one. Many thanks :thumbsup:

As far as the amber led's , I'd want to see what they look like on and what (ball park) range they get , dont look bad though


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To be honest I did not notice the amber lights until you mentioned it. I would assume they are more noticable at night or in person. Still waiting on that video.


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I started doing this mod as well. I ordered the brackets for the Ford Interceptor. I need to get hardward yet to mount them. Seemed to be pretty easy. This thread helped.

driving lights.jpg


Eric, glad it helped! Video is FINALLY done!
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