Documentary Movie "Burn" 1 Year With Detroit Fire Department


May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
sweet.... poor Detroit


Jun 5, 2010
Kalamazoo, MI
I was in detroit last year with my grandpa while he was reminising. He grew up in Detroit, got married there, went to school there.

It was really sad. The church he got married in sits there with its doors wide open and abandoned, the house he grew up in was victim to arson and all the houses on his childhood block are abandoned but two. The first house he got with my grandma sits there with the roof collapsed.


New Member
May 21, 2010
Snow Belt, Michigan
I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and remember the days when Detroit

was a booming city. I can still remember the riots in Detroit, that the citizens

of Detroit destroyed their own city and from then on the city had nothing

but lousy politicans that basically robbed Detroit of its money and pride.

Just recently the former mayor (Kilpatrick) is in prison and now the Police chief resigns

from this torn city, The corruption continues to grow for ones ability to make

easy money and far as the law enforcement,its best describe as totally

unbelievable as foot cops have no leadership to lead them thru bad times.

I really feel sorry for the Firefighters in Detroit as they use to do their jobs

for the community, now its like having to do it cause there is no one else

to put out the fires of abandoned buildings that one of their own citizens

of the great City of Detroit set and thus risking their lives for what. I have

friends in Law enforcement and Fire depts in Detroit,I really feel bad for them.

I guess this can also be said about the law enforcement there as they also suffer

from corruption, just follow the news as things are going to hell there very quickly.

I sometimes have tears in my eyes for this city going to hell in a hand basket.

On a positive note I can remember riding the public transit buses to Tiger stadium

to watch players like, Norm Cash, Al Kaline, Jim Northrup and the World series Tigers

back then, Don't want to try that now if you value your life.

Jim Rogers

Northern lights/Sirens


New Member
Sep 26, 2011
Charleston Area, SC, US
Figured I'd dig this thread up since I'm going to see this tonight with two guys from my station.


May 20, 2010
Grand Prairie Texas
I just read that Detroit killed the Pension. All those years the Police and Fire fought the good fight to protect the city, and poof...nothing to show for it.


New Member
Sep 26, 2011
Charleston Area, SC, US
So, very interesting movie. Not exactly what I was expecting but good none the less. It's a shame to see a city in shambles like that, especially a city that helped build America.


Aug 8, 2011
Upstate NY
I've watched this move once in the theater and three or four times since I purchased the digital download. Love it.


Aug 5, 2011
Maybe some of the proceeds of the movie will help the city. :ugh:

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