Dodge Magnum Rt- volunteer ff pov


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Jun 8, 2010
This is my 2005 dodge magnum rt, i have a whelen dual talon and high beam flashers. i am a vol. ff in Pa and i use this to respond to my station which is less then a half mile from my house which is why i have such a simple setup. enjoy



May 26, 2010
Delaware, USA
Has anyone from your station told you the lighting requirements? Your blue lights must be visible from 360* and technically should be a single lightbar and must be on the roof. You're not allowed to have any other lights flashing, either. No head/tail flashers or strobes, nothing. This is from the Berks county fire police association site, but references the PA state codes- ... simpleblue

sorry for the buzzkill post.


May 22, 2010
Levittown, Pa
Well, I believe it is a simple lighting set up. However, this is not Delaware, and or Berks County. The towns around Philadelphia very urbanized, and getting to a firehouse can be difficult. Pa lighting laws are very outdated, and needs to be updated. If you see a State trooper in any of the Philadelphia suburban towns that are covered by a full time police department then a serious issue is going on. The local’s (Pd) won’t break the vollies stones, unless they have a stick up there ass for firefighters. So as far as troopers breaking the stones of the volunteer's in this area, and or enforcing the lighting rules for volunteers in the southeastern Penn region, is highly unusual. Not saying it hasn't or won't happen, but it is highly unlikely. If you talk to most the trooper's they themselves hate the lighting set-ups on their cars because people don't move for them, with a simple hlf and vector bar.

So, my closing statement is that if you don’t live in this region (Bucks, Chester, Montco, Delaware counties), and don't know what the area is like, then please do not quote the laws. The fire departments make the rules known about lighting laws, however they also they know the situation on getting to the stations for calls.


May 26, 2010
Delaware, USA
I don't mean to start an argument here (since we all know how internet arguments usually end) but I do respond into Chester Co and Delco all the time, I was just up in Paoli last weekend and worked for 2 years outside of Exton/West Chester and have fire/ems friends around the area from Oxford all the way into Bucks county. I just linked to the Berks Fire Police website since it referenced the various state codes on one page.

Regardless of the antiquated roof-mounted single-light rule (which I know many people don't follow), you don't even meet the 360* coverage. With just a dash light and blinking high beams, he's closer to 140* with less than that effective during the day. While it may work ok for just moving somebody out of your lane, all he has is front warning. There is a reason 360* coverage is required by the state. You're not gonna get to the station at all if you get t-boned at an intersection because somebody didn't see your lights. I didn't say a thing about the post a couple days ago for the Explorer with interior-only lights because he had effective 360* coverage.

Why are you upset over something that isn't your problem?


Jun 19, 2010
Never mind.

So, about this flasher ? You piqued my curioisty here.... There ain't any after market one installed at all, and you use the high-beam flashing function, correct ? :?

Because obviously there is someone sitting behind the wheel, which would not be required had you a real wigwag installed.


May 21, 2010
13 years of the fire service in bucks and like he said most fds say what can and cannot be used,yes it is wrong but most state or local pds dont bother you unless your a asshole or they are having a bad day. it is not a bad basic setup for response to the station but if you live so close dont bother using the headlight switch to flash the beams. i had a neighbor that was a state trooper that i talked to before installing lights on my truck or for someone else as long as you dont go overboard you should be fine. talk to your chief or talk to your local pd,would not want you to get nailed for something for violating the laws.i just moved to chester about a month ago,you belong to the co on darby rd or something like that??

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