Dunbar Nunn Unitrol Model 330-55 Switchbox


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I am looking for any literature or information anyone may have, related to my Dunbar Nunn Unitrol Model 330-55 Switchbox.

Also, any hint of when my switchbox may have been manufactured would be appreciated. The serial number on my switchbox is 3-12211.

I understand that Federal Signal acquired the Unirtol line from Dunbar Nunn line on January 1, 1996.

[Broken External Image]:http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/7855/0722002102.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://img412.imageshack.us/img412/6893/0722002103.jpg

[Broken External Image]:http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/4864/0722002105.jpg


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Did you ever have any luck finding any information or wiring diagrams for this switch panel? I just obtained one also and can't find squat about it.

PM me your email, I have the manual in PDF and can email it to you. I like those boxes a lot- intuitive and work every time.

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