eBay to ditch PayPal for Adyen


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eBay announced today that they're working to switch from PayPal to Adyen as their preferred vendor for payments, promising lower seller free and more seamless transactions. PayPal stock took a 10% dump following the announcement.

Has anyone heard of or used Adyen before?

Source: https://www.ebayinc.com/stories/news/ebay-to-intermediate-payments-on-its-marketplace-platform/?utm_source=301Redirect&utm_medium=301Redirect&utm_campaign=301Redirect
I never heard of Adyen


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Wasnt Paypal started by eBay?

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Wasnt Paypal started by eBay?
I don't know if they started the company but they did own Paypal until just recently.

And lets be honest here... I don't sell all that frequently on Ebay however the fees between Ebay and Paypal are ridiculous.

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