Edge Ultra issue

mike - spartan

New Member
May 21, 2010
Well ill be the first to start this on elb version 9.23487.

Just got an edge ultra with and LED traffic advisor.

Outboard strobes and t/a work fine.

All the other strobes dont. You can hear the power supply firing and the strobes are "snapping" however not lighting up.

Any ideas?




May 20, 2010
Hartford County, CT
This is a serial controlled setup, right? How many strobes are in it?

Open the bar up...

Test #1

Take out and test the strobes that aren't firing [if you have a spare power supply] or connect them to the power supply that you know that works in the bar. And vice versa, take a working strobe and attach it to a nonworking power supply.

Test #2

[if serial controlled] at the main relay board, take the input harnesses to the power supplies [eight pin connector] and swap the working one with a nonworking one. See if a different power supply starts working. If it is serial controlled it could be a programming issue in the control head.

What is odd is that you hear power supplies/strobes firing but no light. Last time that happened to me, the strobe head was shot. How many strobes aren't working right? How many power supplies aren't working right?

mike - spartan

New Member
May 21, 2010
Ok 2 bad power supplies. Wanted post created lol Thanks for the responces!

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