ERM founder and owner, Tony Mourgis, has passed


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Tony was an awesome guy! He was devoted to his family, loved flying, and loved his business. He and I had many awesome conversations over the years sharing similar interests. He was always a stand up guy. We thought similiarly and our lives paralleled in many ways.

My heart breaks for his family as I too have a young family knowing how much he loved his wife and girls.

I pray peace be given to his family and may he Rest In Peace.

You will be missed Tony!



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I unfortunately knew this was why he hasn't been responding. The community lost an excellent person and a true innovator.


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So sad. He made some really great products and was definitely an innovator thinking outside the box. He will be truley missed.


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RIP, Tony....:(


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I am truly shocked by this news. RIP Tony, you will be missed.

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