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Jul 18, 2010
Is there any way to wire the 2006-2010 explorer headlight flasher so it will not give me the "left headlight out" error? Or is there any manufacturers that make a system that will not cause the error? Any help would be great! Thanks!


May 23, 2010
have you looked at a manual or anything to see how the wires are and what they would read in to the computer?? id look into that cause there just a few simple wires so maybe you just have somethen mixed up.


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May 20, 2010
east of Cleveland
Nope. Even with the solid-state flashers from SOS and Fed Sig, you'll get the error message. We've got various brand flashers on seven different Explorers, from 2006-2010, and have learned to just live with it. Doesn't seem to harm anything. Just hit the trip meter button to get rid of the error message and go back to displaying mileage, etc. after you arrive wherever you 're running hot to.

And make sure you use 60FPM flashers. My truck originally had a 90FPM flasher. Headlights didn't get a chance to reach full brightness before they went out again. Didn't work for shyt. Of course, that was the same install place that didn't silicone the holes under the luggage rack caps where then ran wires through so I had water coming out of my map lights the first time I went through a car wash.


May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
grantnet10 said:
Does your flasher have an Isolated Control Wiring Scheme? I have the Whelen SSFPOS flasher and have it wired using the "Isolated Control" scheme in a 2010 Ford Escape. I don't get the high beam indicator lamp flashing in the vehicle, which makes me think that the car doesn't even know the headlights are flashing. Anyone have any thoughts on that?


Isolated control is a specific wiring setup with some whelen flashes to avoid the problem of the highbeam indicator coming on with each flash.... that may just work for this.

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