Extending a flash shield on a dual Talon


May 21, 2010
Long Island, NY
Is this possible? I can't seem to maneuver my talon to go against the windshield of my Impala so I'm getting extreme flashback especially at night.

I don't want to throw some cardstock against it as that seems kind of tacky, but does Whelen make a longer flash shield that can be installed?
how much longer?
where are you considering mounting the talon? and What mounting are you using? I mount them dead center over the rear view mirror, with 2 metal strips under the headliner, and the standard flashback shield and haven't had any issues.
I'd say I could use another inch longer (how many times do we wind up saying that...lol). Right now I have the light mounted on the passenger side upper windshield using the standard suction cup mount. I wish I had room to mount it behind the RVM but because of the electical connection for the OnStar system, I don't have enough room. I had considered drilling into the headliner, but I really, really don't want to damage the headliner, which is why I was looking around for a slimlighter.

On a seperate note, does anybody know if the Avenger any thinner than the Talon? Because maybe that might fit a little better...
If you have the time, try taking the headliner down enough so that you can see the metal support that runs across from A-pillar to A-pillar. You can use the 2 metal strips that attach the suction cup mount to the Talon, and just use those to mount it to the metal support. test fit, do some bending if needed and you should be all set
While looking around at other lights, it occurred to me that I might be able to get away with a "Z" bracket...does anyone know if there is one available for the dual talon? What about modifying a bracket from a dash miser?
The only brackets i've ever seen made for the talon is the suction cup and the headliner... I've never seen a Z-bracket... It would be sweet to see it...

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