FastTrax integrated Traffic Advisor?!


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Oct 12, 2010
Minnesota, USA
While browsing Whelen via the Internet Archive / Wayback Machine I came across an option for the Whelen FastTrax that integrated a rear facing traffic advisor into the front facing piece, dubbed model number FTT1. Has anyone EVER seen this in use? I didn't know this existed until now. I'm guessing it wasn't a popular option and wonder how many were made. Also surprising to me is that the 2001 brochure for it lists the FastTrax also available for the Chevy Impala, whereas I always assumed it was only for the Crown Vic.

Add this to the bucket list to find...

I recall seeing the FastTrax on this site, and thinking it would be cool to install on my F150. I quickly realized it never achieved widespread use (I never saw one in the wild) and that updating it 20+ years might be a little more challenging than I wanted to start.
IF you could find at a minimum the housing, I think it would be a cool retro addition.
FastTrax uses the standard 400 series light heads. It would be easy to update to the specs you would need.
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