Wanted Federal Aerodynic Bulkheads

Discussion in 'Wanted: Parts' started by bkulibert, Oct 12, 2017 at 1:07 PM.

  1. bkulibert

    bkulibert New Member

    I am looking for both bulkheads that would go on each side of the speaker on my Aerodynic 24MEAH lightbar. I am looking for both of them in good used condition. Attached are pictures of what I am looking for. 101_6611.JPG 101_6612.JPG
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  2. shues

    shues Gold Level Member

    I have seen the parts you are looking for referred to as bulkheads.
  3. bkulibert

    bkulibert New Member

    okay, thanks

    the part number for them is Z8542D007A
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