Federal Signal Aerodynic Domes-Made to order/Factory direct


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I have been selling Aerodynic domes here on Elightbars for 3 years now. If need new domes for your bar then I am the guy you want to talk to. The black panels, alley inserts and 3 panel domes are no longer manufactured by Federal and that list is sure to grow!! Please PM me here or call me Monday-Friday at 508-726-1962 to place an order. I have the order sheets ready to go! PLease see below for pricing:

2 panels $79/side plus $14 freight per box

3.5 panels $120/side plus $14 freight per box

4 panels $122/side plus $14 freight per box

5 Panels $124/side plus $16 freight per box


The happy customer list:

1 LAPD Set to Matt

2 mini, 2 4 panel and 2 5 panel sets to Jay

1 mini, 2 4 panel and a 5 panel set to rob

1 5 panel side to eric

1 4 panel red side ked

1 4 panel side to ken

1 4 panel set and 1 2 panel side to mike

1 mini set to matt

1 4 panel side to ken

2 mini, 2 4 panel sets to rob

1 blue 5 panel to eric

1 LAPD set to Ray

1 4 panel set to Rich

1 3.5 panel set to Mark

2 5 panel sets to Mark

1 mini set and 1 4 panel side to ryan

1 72" aerohawk set to Ryan

1 mini set and 1 3.5 panel set to rob

1 5 panel side to Ken

2 mini sets, 2 3.5 panel sets and 2 4 panel sets to Jay

1 5 panel set to Ken

2 4 panel and 1 3.5 panel set to Jay

2 4 panels and a 5 panel to Rob

1 3.5 panel and a 4 panel to Rob

2 5 panels to Keith! RED/BLU w/clear centers

1 5 Panel to Ken  All amber

1 set NYPD to RJ

1 2 panel dome to Ken

2 mini sets to Jay

2 3.5 panel sets to Jay

2 4 panel sets to Jay

1 5 Panel set to Jay

3 4 panel sets and a 3.5 panel set to mark thank you!
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Got back in town here Steve..  checked over my order and its looks good..

many thanks...



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OK, so there never were any green sections available for the Aerodynamic. Why? I have no idea. They made VERY few green domes for the Twinsonic as well. I think when green became a more popular color for security companies the Streethawk and Jet series were out and FS probably wanted to steer sales that way. They are no longer producing black segments or ally light inserts. I understand there are still some red and amber available for the alleys but blue is done. I will definitely update this thread when an order is rejected based on color. Companies usually sell parts for 5 years after an item is discontinued so it is disappointing that you can't get the black panels any more. There goes my dream of restoring an FDNY Aero in this lifetime.


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I am looking for a 4 panel all red dome and a 4 panel all blue dome
I hope you willing to ship to europe.

Of course i will pay extra for shipping.

Thanks Edwin
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I am looking for a set of replacement domes for a Mini AeroDynic in Red, with the two front inboard sections in clear. I will also send you a PM. Thanks, Joe In Orlando, Florida.

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