May 21, 2010
New York
The listing states "a Low AMP draw so it saves on Gas !"

My battery gets charged less??!?!?!?!?


May 16, 2010
City of Houston,Texas
Warning :arrow: there are knock off Federal Signal Viper S2's going around especially on Ebay! I bought 2 last year off Ebay it had the pic of a real one,i get it and when i looked at it i said wait a minute something is not right,well with 10 years experience in Police Equipment i had it and this was one of the best knock off ever. I luckly had a real one to confirm my instincts and here is what i found...

1)It was a white box and it had a colored "Federal Signal" label on it with no stamp,the real one does.

2)The cheap suctions cups were powdered and yellow,the real one its clear.

3)Another "Federal Signal" label on the back of the light which was a copy of the real sticker.

4)The Pattern change button was sticking out and red,the real deal has a white soft touch button that push s in not out.

5)The Cig. Plug and cable were had a cheap generic setup look to it.

6)by looking inside the chrome reflector and internal parts looked poorly made!

So that its.be very careful folks if i didnt know anything about lights,i would've been sold the this was it. needless to say i had to fight with the guy for a refund and notified Federal Signal and they were not happy at all,i don;t know what they did but i think the guy is still selling them on ebay and outhere,i dont know if its this guy but you should always as for more pics as you will go with the assumption that its real ,but its not.

O yea its was'nt even all that bright either :roll:


May 22, 2010
New York City
i can almost guarantee its a knockoff.......... they wholesale for about $100 shipped from china....... expensive,but pretty good output, i bought a few thinking they were real....and got stuck with them for a while.......


Jul 10, 2010
Baltimore, MD
Ugh...just bought 3 of them and I was assured they were legit. I even had the guy make me a video of the units...My units haved the crappy suction cups, red external pattern switches, half the number of patterns, etc. etc..

Will these at least have similar output/durable like the real FedSig S2?

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