Wanted FedSig Magnabeam, Code3 RVM, Five-0 red filter

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  1. Jeremy0966

    Jeremy0966 Member

    Looking for a Federal signal Magnabeam. Color is irrelevant as I have extra domes. I've been on the hunt for a long time for a Magnabeam so if anyone has one they are willing to part with it would be greatly appreciated

    Looking for a Five-0 dash light red filter.

    And looking for good to great condition Code3 RVM dual strobes

    If you have any of these please p.m. me. Thank you much for looking!
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  2. dmathieu

    dmathieu Premium Member

    All MagnaBeams were dual speed.
  3. Jeremy0966

    Jeremy0966 Member

    I didn't know that Thanks for the info!
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  4. nyemsman

    nyemsman Junior Member

    I have a firebeam
  5. Jeremy0966

    Jeremy0966 Member

    Thanks, but I already have two dual speed Firebeams. Really looking for a Magnabeam!
  6. Jeremy0966

    Jeremy0966 Member

  7. gtpts27

    gtpts27 Established Member

    PM sent. Pics of RVM attached. Red/blue filters can be easily rearranged to have all red on one side and all blue on other.

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  8. gtpts27

    gtpts27 Established Member

    Willing to sell below collection, which includes a MagnaBeam. PM with offer if interested.

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    CHIEFOPS Senior Member

    The five-0 colored filters were theatrical lighting filters, I don't remember if they came in rolls or strips, any theatrical supply shop should have it, it's 2" high/wide.
    I think they call it 'gel'.
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