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fedsig vision control heads

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for sale are 2 vision contol heads for vision lightbar.no control box just heads.they are very good used.they were working when removed from service.the black knobs on pursuit switch are missing.
150$ for both or shoot me best offer on pm.shipping is NOT inclouded and parts are located in Europe.


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Yes- figure mid '90s. 2nd generation head but 1st generation slide switch head. the 1st generation head had 3 membrane 1, 2, 3 mode switches instead of the slide switch.
The Vision lightbars debuted about the same time as the 1991 model year aerodynamic Chev Caprice. The NYPD 1991 Caprices went into service in 1992 with the all-membrane vision keypad for approx 2 model years before the keypad advanced to the slide switch version pictured in this thread. So figure this keypad became available in '92 or '93 and was standard until the pushbutton version we know today debuted probably '94 or '95. I myself had today's version SmartSiren (pre-platinum) factory ordered for installation in my new 1994 P71 that I acquired in mid '95.
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