First Responder Tribute Song


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Sep 21, 2010
Nova Scotia, Canada
I'm not sure if this link is going in the right place or not.... This song was written by one of the members of our department. (Although he's posted to a different station) The video features mostly real FF/LEO's and some actors... (Paramedics were fake... the real ones couldn't show up on the day it was filmed due to real work...)

The writer was "discovered" after he wrote a series of songs about United Airlines breaking his guitar... That song went Viral on youtube...

Seems to me it'll be a pretty nice song to do a end of year video presentation for our station party.

Oh, and to add a lighting dimension to make it relevant... The police vehicles are my movie rental cars... The Crown Vic had been stripped previously to look like a Boston Police car, so we just changed the door decal... Low budget music video! We stripped up my daily driver Yukon to match to complete the pair, and, I tossed on a Fedsig bar.

Although I'm a LT with the Fire Dept, I ended up playing the part of a cop in the shoot...

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