Flashe sticks ?

Oct 19, 2022
USA nj
Just picked them up from eBay the federal signal I just don’t know what they are or worth can you guys please give me some information thanks guys!IMG_9403.png
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Federal light stick array, came in numerous lengths, with colored filter options. Collectible, but not highly collectible from what I can see, so not super pricey. I'd say worth is up to how bad a buyer wants what you have vs. what you have into them. I can't put a price on them, sorry.
Came out in 1988, using the jet series filters. No longer offered in 1993.

d1 1988 2.pngd1 1988.pngd1 1990 1.JPG
If you guys think flashback inside the vehicle is bad now, these things came out during a time where there was no such thing (coplite is an exception) as a flash shield around dash lights and deck lights. While windshields might not have been as curved, they still weren't straight up and down. I've seen this particular product used as both a rear deck and a front headliner mounted device. Because they are inherently "dumb / remote", sometimes the three or four lamp model was used with a clear light as a takedown.

The deckblaster from code 3 and the single dashmaster from Whelen technically had flashback shields close to this time frame (a bit later) but neither was incredibly effective. The deckblaster actually had a function where the halogen one allowed you to flip the colored lens down and use it as a front scene light or take down. Even as late as the dashmiser models (replaced dashmaster) with a takedowns were common without the use of a flashback shield.

I'm not sure these federal directors were technically bright enough to be used as a California steady burn (35w, I suppose you could swap in a 50w but I'm not sure if it would melt the filter), but I've definitely seen a setup where there was a flashing blue and a steady red in a two-lamp model to the front and a three or four lamp model to the rear that was red, amber, and blue set up as a traditional California setup. Regardless, the director series (the federal signal product pictured here) was actually a pretty interesting idea. Utilizing existing reflectors and filters it was a solid entry into the halogen dash and deck light market. I think it just ended up being a little bit too to bulky by the end of its tenure.

I used to have a full set of these and I wish I hadn't sold them. Cool items, thanks for posting l.
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Likely not worth more than the $130 they were listed for. As others have said, they aren't terribly common but they're not really desirable to the majority of collectors.

Link to the eBay ad so folks can see the video of them flashing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/3258335908...=0&customid=link&campid=&toolid=20001&mkevt=1
Idk what there worth I have takes to guys that offered 200-400 $ there restoring a state trooper car . Idk I just want someone to enjoy them

There will be a video on my YouTube cowboy911
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Idk what there worth I have takes to guys that offered 200-400 $ there restoring a state trooper car . Idk I just want someone to enjoy them

There will be a video on my YouTube cowboy911
If you have an offer of $400 I'd take their money and run. Arrow and flasher sticks just don't have the market a beacon or lightbar has. I'm standing by my valuation.
Values of vintage equipment is really in the eye of the buyer. People restoring a specific vehicle often pay a premium. Take it. That doesn't mean that item is commonly worth that. I had four of an item that is very agency specific. I sold two to a person doing a restoration for quite a bit of cash. Then I ended up having to take less than half that amount on the remaining two because the market had been saturated in that single sale. No one needs to be offended, the vintage market saturates easily and fluctuated greatly. Kudos to anyone who can get a premium price for a specific item.

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