For Sale Flashlight Collection, Part Deux


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Flashlight Collection, Part Deux - various LED lights

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Clockwise from top, left.

Thrunite TN11. 830 lumens, runs on 1 or 2 18650s, or 2 or CR123s. Has extension tube, belt carrying holster, extra gaskets. Played with it, put it away. $85.00 shipped

Jetbeam BC40 LED light. SOLD

Regal EDC light. Multiple brightness and flashing modes. Comes with the Hawk Snipe bezel, which increases throw. Runs on 18650 or 2 CR123s. Played with, put away. $30.00 shipped.

Mini military style anglehead flashlight. Has hotwire main...
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What about the light in the far left that is on the charger? possible stream type of light......just off the white paper

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