Flashlight light opinions wanted.


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I am looking to upgrade from my Scorpion to something bigger and brighter. I'm tired of buying cr123a batteries and looking to go rechargeable route.
I not sure if I wanted to stay with streamlight line with something like the strion or stinger? Or go with something else from another brand like Fenix or Surefire


Stinger HL (high lumens). Best light by far Ive ever used. Very bright at 800 lumens, far reaching and yet floody enough to search a building. It starts at 800 then if you hold the button it ramps downward two lower settings. This is useful when you know you'll be on traffic control for a while and you need your light for 4 hours....ramp it down to the low setting. Still just as bright with the cone.

I've used the Surefire 6P's and they start from the low setting and go higher...dangerous for me. I need bright light first off. Don't get me wrong....the 6P is a great light, but super expensive if you want the good/brighter ones. But then you get into battery issues. They usually all take the CR123A's only. You can go with the "Solarforce" generic brand, which I have, but still the rechargeable 18650's can get expensive.

I just went through this the last couple months. I decided to stay with the Stinger and bought the HL model. Small enough to carry on a belt. Batteries are 20 bucks or less, so I have a couple spares charged in my go-bag ready to go.

Can't beat this light. The Stinger HL is about 110 bucks on Ebay or Amazon.
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Maglite has the new ML-150LR out. They're made in the USA, supposedly quite good, and are not nearly as hefty as the old D-cell Magcharger (which they still offer in an LED version these days).




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What about the MagTac Rechareable?? I have that one, it took the place of Both of my MagChargers as the Biggest issue I had was a Low Height drop always Knocked out either the Bulb or messed up the switch internals.. though I still have them, time to send one back for that switch issue and Replace Both Batteries!

Id show the Maglite website link but they are down for maintenance



I’d go with the Fenix TK20R. It’s insanely bright. Has different levels of brightness and also has strobe option.

I use mine at work, Quality department in a factory, and it’s never failed me yet.


I'd stick with Streamlight myself. I own 9 of their lights and none of them have ever let me down. Prices are reasonable especially from the right online shops or if you find a volume dealer locally. (My local battery shop is a dealer, their stuff is usually 20-30 bucks cheaper than online).

Maglights aren't bad either, I still have a magcharger halogen and a few old school minimags, tried and true.

Might even look at O-light, they have some stuff that puts out 1000lm or more if you need that kind of thing.

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speaking of which.. anyone have a connection for stingers? I need to order about 6 for a PD.

Not sure if anyone here is a vendor or not


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