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FOR SALE: **MUST SELL FAST** - Cobra and Apollo Items


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We will be adding items as we go through what we have in stock.
All items are brand new and in packaging unless otherwise noted.
All prices are per item.
Feel free to make an offer!

2-Apollo F6 Red/White No Flange - $42 Ea
1-Apollo F6 Amber/White No Flange - $42Ea
1-Apollo F6 Red/White - $52 ea
7-Apollo F6 Amber/White - $52 ea
1-Apollo F6 Blue/White - $52 ea
1-Cobra T6 Amber Square Flange - $40
1-Cobra T6 Amber Square Flange(New but package open) - $40
1-Cobra T6 Blue Square Flange (New but package open) - $40
1-Cobra T6 Amber/White (New but package open) - $40
1-Cobra T6 Blue (New but package open) - $40

2-Blue/Amber Apollo F6 Used - $38 Ea
2-Blue Cobra T6 Used (Older Firmware Won't sync with new, spray tinted) - $30 Ea



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Hello I would need 2 Apollo Amber/White lights, however I've got a question first do you have any brackets? Like a license plate bracket?
Would you happen to have four (4) Red/White F6's available? If you no longer have the matching brackets, I can source those elsewhere. I have Paypal...

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