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Jan 10, 2011
I have a 2008 Ford Fusion

I currently have 2 Sound Off Ghost lights (red) in my front grill, Two Whelen Slimlighters (Red) in the front window above the rear view mirror.

I am looking to add some LED HAW in my front and rear lights. Any thouhgts on how many i should place in the vehicle? Also has anyone done LED HAW in a Fusion?

On a side note i may also place the slimlighters in the rear window and upgrade to a interior light bar.

Will also be getting a new siren to replace the SHO-ME siren i have which sucks. Cant decide on whelen HHS2200 or the Feniex Olympian.


Jun 30, 2010
(near Toronto), Ontario
Here are some links to places doing Fusions.,0,7040035.story

I have a 2010 Fusion and put some SoundOff Universals Undercovers in the backup lights.

I would not do so again. There is lots of room to get at the large red brake/turn signal lens

however as you can see from the videos. I have a Whelen SSFPOS headlight flasher and a

SSF5150D tail light flasher.
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