For Sale Frooom's multi-item thread


I want this stuff gone! Especially the flashers and Novas!

If you want a package deal on anything, or bulk, I would be more than willing to negotiate!

Star ULB24 R/W, cut cord, with brackets. $300 shipped


Whelen TIR D8, R/W, cut cord. Repainted and cleaned. Repaired cracked end cap. $200 shipped.

  • 5 Star ULB9E, red white. 4 are hardwire sync models (GR152-RW, Galls model # for Star ULB9E), one is a dash style and can NOT sync (cig plug available)
    I cut the cord on two of these and soldered them in-line to make synced pairs. The remaining cord comes with of course! Also all mounting hardware, suction cup, flash shield, perm mount with 3M tape (will retape for you), etc. 50 each shipped, or a package deal of all 5 for 200!

  • 1 pair of Nova Microthins in red/white. I have one bail bracket, can't find the other.

  • 2 Sound off flashbacks, not sure the difference between the two, both solid state, one specifically labeled for the rear.

  • 1 Galls wig wag flasher. Classic back and forth

If you find these prices are ....hopeful at best...please nicely let me know, maybe we can work something out :)

Here is an example video of 2 ULB9E in red/red in my 4runner:


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Afternoon. Just wanted to clarify something...the video shows RR units but you're in fact selling RW units, is that right? With them being hardwired, do you by chance have separate control of the white or is it all just on/off? I figure not but wanted to ask. I see it says mounting it a long bail style bracket that goes over the light? I ask because I would want to mount up top of the windshield like you have on the 4-runner. Appreciate your time.


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That's correct, just wanted to give an example of their output. Unfortunately these units are not able to have colors controlled independently. The mounting hardware that they come with offer 3 ways to mount these: with ratcheting 3M end pieces that can accomodate 90 degrees, with a bale bracket and 2 suction cups, or with bolted on tabs and 3M tape that keep them tight to the headliner. If you zoom in on the pic with all 5 showing, that's what is on the end of them. Happy to give you some separate pictures if you want, or a pic of how they are mounted in our 4runner. :)


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Federal Signal MS4000U sold to jp394! Also, bump! I would love to get all these ULB9E's sold!!


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Bump! These paired ULB9E would look great in a jeep, 4runner, or anything else! They can do 90 degree straight on too! Buuuyyyy theemmmmmmm!

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