FS flasher ID/wiring diagram needed.


May 24, 2010
USA, Arizona
I was in a salvage yard and came across a late model P71. It still had the trunk lid mounted flasher brackets and the factory FORD switch. In the trunk was also Federal Signal Flasher. It is marked Flsh Asy Plc LP, Model 1W7J-15591-AA. It has four wires. White w yellow trace, yellow, red and black. The last two end in a factory connector. I searched the FS site and got a few hits for the numbers but there was not any info. I'm sure someone here can tell me what this flasher is for and has a wiring diagram? Thanks.


May 30, 2010
USA / Tennessee
what you have is just a wig wag set. yellow to one light, white w/yellow trace to one, light black ground, red switch hot. if your going to put it on a p71 go to passanger light one wire to the wire that goes to the light and the other to the wire that goes to the other light.

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