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This thread will be continuously updated as I continue to find items or things get sold.

If you don't like a price, make an offer. I am trying to move these items.

All prices are per item, shipping is extra. Package deals entertained.

2-200w Storm Sirens. These are pre-data link and will not work with the datalink system. $100 each
1-Fusion 400 Red/Red/Blue/Blue 40 Deg

2- T3 License Plate Brackets - $20 each
T3 L Brackets - $5
2-27w Square Flood Lights New in Package - $30 each
2-27w Square Flood Lights Used - $15 each
1-Amber/White T6 (Open Package) $20
1-Amber/Blue Dual Color Fusion Surface Mount 40 Deg $50
1-Amber/Red Dual Color Fusion Surface Mount 40 Deg $50
2- Amber.White Cannon 120 $50 each
1-Amber T3 Open $20
1-White T3 Open $20
18-White T3 $25 each
9-Green T3 $25 each
13-Amber T3 $25 each
1-12" Led Flood Bar Unknown Brand $50
Mag Mics $35
1-Blue/White 40 Degree 2X $150
1-Fusion Mini Bar All Amber 40Deg Permanent Mount Used for 1 year $150

Universal Intersector License Plate Brackets $30
Cannon Surface Flanges $5
Fusion Recess Mounts $7
T3 Window Mounts $12
Fusion Surface Mount Window Mounts $12
1-Whelen SAK47 Ram 1500 Passenger Speaker Bracket $25

Listed for records.
2-Blue/White Dual Color Fusion Surface Mount 40 Deg $50
2-Fusion Recess Mounts
1-Blue/White Apollo No Flange $15
2- Blue/Amber Apollos No Flange $15 each
1-Red T3 Open $20
1-Red T3 $25
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