Galls XL200 Problem???

May 16, 2010
Torrington, WY
Ok I sold the rest of the XL200s that I had on eBay. I went to go tst them and may have run into a problem. I hooked the swithes up according to the manual and they light up and I head the relay click. Here is were it is confusing me. I connected a test light to each switch and turned them on....the light does not light up. Am I doing something wrong? I can hear the relays click...does that mean they are not blown? I don't want to ship them if they do not work. Any help wouyld be appreciated. Below is the install manual for reference.
I believe in the manuals for the XL200/XL400 it says not to use a test light, but to use a multi-meter to test the circuits... I'm not sure why that would make a difference though...

On a side not, I guess I'm glad that I didn't win on the one I bid on... LoL Good luck and hope ya get it worked out!!!
I used a multi-tester and could not get anything from it. Is there anyone that I could send it to to get tested? PM me ASAP...I have tried everything that I know, the relays click, and the leds light up, but I could not get anything to read on the tester.
Are you checking for current? Do you have it set for 15 volts? If you have it set for continuity and voltage comes through the circuit may have a blocking diode so the meter won't read. Also, suggest checking the wiring path for continuity without voltage. Illuminated switches have given me problems in the past, but when I contacted halogen lighting, the systems worked, Some of the old rocker switches with minature incandescent bulbs probably drew more current than the LED Lights! :idea:
Im not sure what switches you have tried (all at once or one at a time), but I noticed on my XL200 that the switches are reversed. The left switch is powered by the right pin on the back.
I grounded the light to the negative side of the battery. I have finally given up on these things and now have them sitting around collecting dust. If anyone would like to buy them cheap to use for parts of display models pm me.

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