Gen Leds Differences

May 21, 2010
Miami FL
This is a small guide about the Gen Leds differences, some numbers are just a estimate.

In the case of White Leds, Watts is just a measure of energy dissipation. I think most people relate watts to light because numerous residential & commercial light bulbs are sold on the basis of wattage. Even compact flourescent bulbs are marketed as "comparable to [x] watts."

A 100 watt florescent bulb, for example, would put out substantially more visible light than a 100-watt incadescent bulb.

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I post in the old forum some time ago that I can call 4 Gen lights those are using Leds like Cree and similar, Rebel, Samsung, etc. This kind of Leds emit more lumens with the same current of the previous gen.

Leds guide
May 21, 2010
Miami FL
Thanks Jared...

The Luxeon use by whelen and ohers similar brands are 1 watts Leds of which were discontinued, the same with the 3 and 5 watts.

Their are using just the Rebels being of higher performance.

About Cree, for all I know about this brand, their dont call their in Watts, their have several models, and grouped by current, start in 350ma to 2.8ma, but, the 350 who consume them are brighter than the Luxeon I.

Cree are using too multiple emitters behind a single lens, what is a realy good idea and good solution. ... tine_0.jpg

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