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May 24, 2010
Mount Orab, Ohio
I have a pair of Brimes beacons that both rotate well, both bulbs missing in one light, other light has a bulb burned out. Red Glass domes that are mint. I want to sell the pair but not sure of the value. Can I get realistic values from some of you in the know? Thanks in advance.


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I paid $80 for mine a few years back. Had to pay another $25 for a replacement bulb that was NOS and original for it. Not a ton of love for these on the collector market for some reason and needing to source the correct bulbs for it will hurt value. They look in great shape otherwise!
They have shot up in price at times, and other times go for far to little. The condition of these is going to help. They are mounted on an "arm" that says "buzzer". What were they from?
Look like fire truck tailboard brackets. That would also explain Buzzer.
On second look that makes total sense. I am showing my lack of age by forgetting that buzzers were common on tailboards and pump panels prior to everyone getting a radio (and still someplaces today). But I think mainly they looked too "un-smashed / unscuffed" to be tailboard lights to me. I don't know how, but it seems like the tailboard lights and the rear antennas on ambulances always attract garage doors and low hanging branches.

But yes, you are clearly right, they look like very well cared for tailboards and cool lights too.
Fortunately bulbs are still readily available given the huge number of rotating beacons Grimes produced, primarily for aviation. I rarely see these Hi Flashes come up for sale on Ebay anymore, and I believe I paid around $200 to $250 for mine about 3 years ago. Like Tony above says, I don't think there's a huge fan base for these like other beacons, but given their increasing rarity, the price only goes up, up, up!

If it was me selling them as a pair, I'd start at $400.
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