GSA Contracts / NYS Contracts


May 20, 2010
Wellsville, NY
How does one go about getting GSA contracts for upfitting vehicles? Also the sale of the products for the vehicles? I am also interested in how to obtain contracts to do NYS vehicles such as Department of Health, Office of Fire Protection and Controll and Park Police etc. Anyone with info please let me know.


May 21, 2010
well it involves alot of money and your first born, :lol: i was kinda interested but think i remember someone else here on the board said gsa contracts are not worth it. they really dont pay and want you to make a mountain out of a mole hole>


May 28, 2010
asweezy said:
How does one go about getting GSA contracts for upfitting vehicles? Also the sale of the products for the vehicles?

Some of the largest fleets are upfitted by UNICOR (FPI...Federal Prison Industries). I'm not sure you want to be one of those 'upfitters'. :shock: The good part is you get three hots and a cot...and a roommate named 'Bubba'.

I would check the website for small business contracting. Being the federal government, it will probably take a lot of paperwork and the reality is that there isn't a lot of profit margin.


May 21, 2010
Northeast Ohio
Its probably not worth the hassle. Most federal contracts have a lot of hoops to jump through-certain percentage of minorities in your workforce, certifications for employees, etc, etc. Things that a small 5-10 person shop probably isn't going to be able to meet, and remain profitable.
May 24, 2010
PG County, MD
I am a one-man business, and I have gotten several GSA, .gov contracts without issue. Most of what I received was noted as "small business set aside," and there was no certification for SB on the system I sent the OP via PM. It generally take the Fed 14-21 days to pay after the invoice is submitted electronically. Learning their invoice system was the biggest PITA I had to deal with.

And it really depends on where in the US you happen to be that FPI does the work.

PM me if you have more questions.

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