Gunman Walks into Detroit Precinct and Shoots 4 Officers


May 22, 2010
South East Michigan's-west-side

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Action News sources say four Detroit police officers have been shot inside the Northwest District on the city's west side. The district office is located near Warwick and Plymouth and houses both the 6th and 8th precincts.

We're told a man walked into the lobby and opened fire. He was killed by police.

The conditions of the officers are not known. A source says one of the officers is a commander, one is a patrolman. the other is a clerk.

They were rushed to Sinai Grace.

Police sources tell Action News that the gunman walked into station just as any citizen can do. They say the shooter walked past the desk and fired down a hallway hitting a female sergeant in the chest. Sources say she was wearing a bulletproof vest and should be OK.

Police tell Action News that the gunman then shot a second officer in the side of the face and neck.

Sources say a precinct commander then grabbed the wounded sergeant’s gun and exchanged shots with the gunman. The commander was then shot in the back.

Next, the gunman jumped over a counter to attempt to shoot more officers. At that point, other officers opened fire, killing him.

A camera inside the precinct captured images of the shooting and sources who have seen that video say it is graphic.
May 25, 2010
Tunkhannock, PA, USA
WoW!!! :eek:

Makes ya think if he wanted a police-assisted suicide, or if he was delusional enough to think he could take some shots and get back out alive...


Jan 11, 2011
Detroit, MI
Yeah fucked up, I work that side of the city. Been to that district alot, just makes you wonder why someone would do this. I just hope they pull thru. I will update you all as i get the info.



May 20, 2010
What the FUCK are people thinking these days?!? I don't care if a person if screwed up in the head, has a problem with cops, or is just a gang banger wanabe trying to impress some homies, anyone who does something like this should be instantly killed, all of their belongings sold and the funds given to the officers hurt and/or killed, and anyone who knew of the BG's plan be tried for murder and given the death penalty. I don't give a fuck who you are or why you think the cops did you wrong or whatever the reason for this is, YOU DON'T FUCK WITH COPS! If you hurt one of my partners, I am going to hurt you. If you try to kill them, you will die. I have been around here for a while and you guys know I don't cuss very often. You also know I don't say who I work for or where I live, and the reason for that is this: if someone even tries to kill one of the guys I work with, that motherfucker will die. I have seen dozen's of people cuss us out, call us pigs, say we are good for nothing, but as soon as someone steps on their toes which are in government assistance paid for shoes, they call the police. If we arrest someone, we are on a power trip. If we don't we are lazy. I'm fucking tired of it. People will realize they need cops where it is too late, after they have spit in our faces and told us to go to hell, but you know what? When they call, we still come. Because we are better than them and we have sworn to protect them the same as we would our own families.

To every idiot out there stupid enough to think they will try to hurt the police, guess what... there are more of us, we are smarter, we are stronger, we are more determined, and it doesn't matter where you go, we will find you.


May 21, 2010
Hazen, ND


May 23, 2010
Detroit, MI
I don't know if there is already a thread on this. I looked in the professional section and did not find one. The Detroit Police chief released the raw video of the shooting today. He thought that other law enforcement agencies could learn from it. He also wanted the public to know the heroic actions the officers took during the incident.

Close up in the video is a black male who is a shoe repair man talking to the officer about his boots. The suspect did not shoot the other civilians in the lobby, only uniformed officers...

All of the officers survived with the suspect being fatally shot.

The officer in the vest looking sweater in the video is the station commander who was shot in the back as he dove behind the counter. He is recognized for saving many other lives by fatally shooting the suspect.


May 20, 2010
unbelieveable....Thank god the officers survived and the f*ckin suspect is dead...Hope you guys fully recover


May 21, 2010
Northeast Ohio
crescentstar69 said:
Chilling. I know some departments require officers to secure their weapons while at their desks, etc. Pretty good reason not to after seeing this.

Yeah, I worked on a dept, where our muni court had court security, who were in a suit and tie, with just a taser. The judges decided they didn't want guns in the court, and would not allow officers to come in armed. A lot of Chiefs yelled and screamed, and I think they finally decided to allow armed officers in their court rooms!


May 21, 2010
ParkPiggy said:
Yeah, I worked on a dept, where our muni court had court security, who were in a suit and tie, with just a taser. The judges decided they didn't want guns in the court, and would not allow officers to come in armed. A lot of Chiefs yelled and screamed, and I think they finally decided to allow armed officers in their court rooms!

Yours too, huh? Only armed in our CH are the deputies/court security. LEOs are not allowed to 'carry' in view in the court rooms. Stupid, just plain irresponsible. Also looks goofy walking around with a duty belt and am empty holster. But, that has never stopped me from carrying my BUG on my ankle or my vest holster out of sight. :squint: :whistle: :2thumbs: [


May 22, 2010
South East Michigan
After watching the video a few times, it really makes me appreciate the fact that I sit at a desk that has concrete walls on all 4 sides and has bullet resistant glass between me and the public, with access controlled doors.

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