Halogen Traffic Advisor With 4200

Discussion in 'Feniex Industries' started by Derek W, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. Derek W

    Derek W New Member

    Would it be possible to use a Whelen TA837A with a 4200 non-dl and use the built in t/a function without overloading it. Each bulb is 20 watts so at 12 volts that's ~1.7 amps. I dont believe it would be too much for it but I'm just double checking before I hook anything up and cause problems.
  2. unlisted

    unlisted Gold Level Member

    May be ideal to solid state relay it.. Also the fact it's halogen the flash patterns may not look good due to "ramp up" of the halogen filament.
  3. buddek09

    buddek09 Premium Member Silver Level Member

    You should be fine without using relays. The TA outputs are rated at 3 amps each.

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