HAW strobes/led

May 21, 2010
Ok folks. I am completely new to the strobe arena (HAW wise). I would like to purchase everything and do the install myself. Please tell me everything i need to know. Also as a question: Do blue HAW strobes come through well?

Thanks a lot! The car in question is an 04 subaru forester. I am thinking a 6 head kit, however please suggest both 6 and 4 head kits to me.



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May 21, 2010
NW Indiana
Colored HAW strobes seem to do nothing more than diminish the light output. Also the red ones always look pink.
May 21, 2010
alrighty then...folks, what would you put in if you were in my situation? if LEDs? which ones? I was going for strobes since they had the cheaper price tag :?


May 20, 2010
Maryland, USA
If you want white light and aren't worried about heat/power consumption, use strobes. If you want colored light or lower power, LED's are the way to go.

They are fairly straight forward to install. If you have a single wall light you are installing them in, you need a 1" drill bit to drill a hole and install the tube. Rule of thumb for strobes is to mount it reasonaly close to the OEM bulb so it reflects better. You want to make sure that the 2 bulbs don't touch and that you have sufficient distance from anything that melts. Its my very limited experience that LED's require different mounting holes. If you go LED, read the directions and see how they want the light mounted. I put the Axixtech TRI's in my corner lights of my Crown Vic. The directions say to mount them from the bottom of the housing and aim 2 of the sets of heads towards the back and side reflectors, and one set of heads towards the lens.

The LED's don't have the punch that you get from strobes, but the color is very crisp and it really grabs your attention if you get some quality lights.


May 21, 2010
Vermillion SD
What colors are you looking to run, also what lights are you planning on putting them in? It all makes a difference you might find a 4 head strobe kit and 2 LEDs are the way to go. LEDs you can buy in singles in some cases and pairs in others where as strobe you need a power supply at 2, 4, 6 or 8. Do you have room for a power supply somewhere should you go that route?
May 21, 2010
2004 subaru forester head lights and tail lights...

blue and white only. however i will consider putting something behind the red lense part of the tail lights.

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