HAW Strobes

May 21, 2010
Over time i have become well versed in LEDs and wiring. I would like to install a total of 4 HAW strobes in the tail lights of my car (2 in brakes, 2 in reverse). What should I be looking to get? I have installed HAWs before, but only the LED versions. I do know that strobe cable is strobe cable. so I mainly need to know what gauge power and ground should be running to the strobe pack, where to mount it, and what model i should get as well as the appropriate tubes. Whelen only.


And yes, I did run a search but did not find the type of information that I am looking for.


May 7, 2010
Northwest Ohio
All the info about a power supply is contained in it's manual... how to mount and what size power wires etc...



Attached below is whelen's handy wire gauge chart

As far as what to get, I don't like to go less than 15w per head... so for 4 tubes you'd need a 60 watt supply. Some power supplies are regulated and give a certain watts per head no matter how many heads are hooked up. Unregulated supplies take the total watts and divide buy the number of heads hooked up, so the more heads the less watts per head.

With that in mind any major brand supply will work fine. I'd search the for sale section and pick the one with the highest watts per head for the cheapest price. I searched just the for sale section for "power supply" and got over 100 hits.... some power supplies for under $30... some kits for under $100.




Jun 23, 2010
Sherwood, AR
I'm doing this type of setup on two vehicles (strobes in reverse lights and taillights). It's being proven that a strobe tube is outperforming HAW LEDs, especially when they're ran at a higher wattage. So, to get the brightest bang for my buck, I bought some Whelen ISP94 strobe power supplies from Brent-Wattco, as seen here. They're only $35 each, but you'll have to get the connectors, which he also sells.

I've ensured to go for 22.5 watts per head, as this will be my only form of rear warning, so I wanted them to be as bright as possible. Regarding mounting, since you said you have a car, I'd toss it in the trunk, where it's out of the way.

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