Hello From Canada!

Hi everyone,

I'm in Ontario and originally from Ontario. I've also lived in New Brunswick around Fredericton for a little while.

I've never worn a blue uniform, but I've spent some time wearing one that looks like relish ;).

I've always had a keen interest in warning equipment since I was a little kid. As a kid, I always wanted a Dash Laser for Christmas. I was the only kid on the block with a red wagon decked out with a couple of rotating lights and one of those little electronic bicycle sirens.

I joined the site to learn more about warning equipment. I'm still very new to everything and know next to nothing. I'm here to learn. I apologize for the foolish questions that I'll be asking and have already asked. I love all things Whelen and am a huge fan of rotary lightbars and sirens from the 80s-90s. I hope to get some equipment to start a small-ish collection someday. My better half will likely kill me within a week or two, but I'll take that risk :D .

I've been playing around with the Carbide, WeCan and WeCad software lately mostly to learn from it and to have some fun too. It's very interesting to tinker around with.

I'm really looking forward to learning from the forums and its members! It seems like a community that's really on-the-level.


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Welcome to eLB! We all share your addiction and you're correct--this is a great group of folks. As for your questions, there's someone here that has the answer to just about anything you might want to know and even a couple who I suspect know more than the current folks at the companies whose products we all talk about. :)
Thanks guys! I've been looking around the forums some more and it's really strange (in a good way :) ). I haven't seen any of the cronyism, cliques, flaming, backbiting and trolling that you see on most other forums out there. As a new member, that shows me that the community here is a good lot that actually has respect for the idea of an online community.

It's refreshing to see a forum where the members actually behave like normal people and help each other out. Even the warm receptions that new members get is unlike most forums. It's great to see things being done right for a change. Looking very forward to learning from the community!