Hello from So. California!


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Just found the site and appreciate being able to help and share information. I know very little about LED and new stuff, all of my stuff is vintage items. Thanks for letting me participate.
I have a 51 GMC 5 window 1 ton pumper by Bean, a CHP black and white and Sheriff "Plain Wrap" Nova. Thanks again.
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An Original CHP B/W or the new style? welcome aboard! Parking lots over there ---->> or was it over there <<----- I forget....


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Welcome to eLB! This is a great community with a lot of knowledge. CA style lights are pretty popular here. :)


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Nolines, the original CHP, Last year of the Diplomat. I know.... who wants to own a Diplomat? It has all the documentation from the dealer/DMV and CHP and all of the equipment


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