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  1. TTACsniper1234

    TTACsniper1234 New Member

    Hello, I'm from the HUGE state of LA. :) Swamp country.
    Just a Collector of lightbars have a few whelen 9000 and a few whelen Edges
    Sold a couple of federal sig areodynic Was restored and in good condition. In LA we can have amber lights on our vehicle for any reason just as long as we use them for like on the side of the road were a vehicle requires unusual overtaking or something like that, So i took some whelen liberty amber 500 series and made a visor mount bar of 6 of those, Flash controller using the famous Speed tech light, i took apart one of the mini-eclispe and got the controler and made that! msg me if you want to see some pics :)
    Have most all Speed tech lights, Waiting for some right now to come in. Have had really good luck out of them except for 1 controller and they dint want to send me another one. But i did threatened to put it on youtube and i had one in a couple days later!
    Hello all!
  2. FEVER

    FEVER Platinum Level Member

    Welcome to the site. I just drove through your state last weekend. Often pass back and forth while going to Texas.
  3. TTACsniper1234

    TTACsniper1234 New Member

    Ahh! Did you go down I20?
  4. FEVER

    FEVER Platinum Level Member

    I10 and I12. Coming from Florida.
  5. TTACsniper1234

    TTACsniper1234 New Member

    Oh! You going to houston?
  6. OliverD

    OliverD Site Regular

    Welcome to Elightbars ; hi from Belgium ;)
    Your pics are welcome :cool:
  7. jph2

    jph2 Senior Member

    Welcome to eLightbars! Great group with a lot of knowledge here. :)

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