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Looking for some help finding a switch, it is most definitely a carling switch but after that I am lost. On the ladder truck we have, our light switches are all single pole on/off, three position switches, with the middle being neutral. If the truck was off and someone played with the switch you would think it was a momentary on/off/on but in reality the middle is the resting position and whether you depress the upper or lower part of the switch the lights will turn on or off permanently like a typical on/off switch, but instead of remaining depressed, it returns back to the neutral position. Essentially I am looking for a single pole on off switch that returns back to the middle whenever it is depressed (But the lights should stay on or off depending on which side is depressed.) Thanks to anyone that can help.

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Have you called the trucks manufacturer?
Have you called the trucks manufacturer?
It was a pierce manufactured in 1994, while that is an option, I would rather not take up their time attempting to find a switch they used almost 25 years ago. Im just looking to see if there is a generic term for this type of switch, not necessarily detailed part numbers.


It would be a single pole momentary/off/momentary.
Being a 1994, the switch most likely controls a latching type relay to control the output.
I will try and look at Carling after posting this and will edit this post with hopefully the switch your inquiring about.

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