Help Lighting 2004 Nissan Murano


May 25, 2010
Huntsville, AL
Ok guys, I am sending my wife to Alaska for a semi-surprise vacation in April, so I will have her car for 2 weeks undisturbed to get all the lighting put in it. I need some ideas. The only restrictions are:

1. 360 degree coverage

2. I have to use the equipment listed below, no more, but I dont have to use it all.

Her car will be used for responding to calls and to the station.

Equipment that I have:

3 Single Talons Red

1 Dual Talon Red/Red

4 Nova W600 LAW's White

2 Mini Phantoms 1 Red/Red 1 Amber/Amber

4 TIR3 Pimp Pods Red

2 TIR3 Pimp Pods White

2 TIR3 Pimp Pods Amber

Whelen HHS2100 to control it all and for the Siren

I have 2 LP brackets that I can use for the Pimp Pods.

I may also have a 911EP WL28, if I get my interior light bar for my truck before I do this install.

Picture of her car for reference.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help

[Broken External Image]:

[Broken External Image]:

[Broken External Image]:


Jun 15, 2010
3 Single Talons Red: Front headliner, one on each top corner and one in the middle. Set the middle one to California steady burn.

1 Dual Talon Red/Red: Do not use

4 Nova W600 LAW's White: 2 in the headlights, 2 in the backup lights.

2 Mini Phantoms 1 Red/Red 1 Amber/Amber: Rear headliner, top corners - Don't mount to rear hatch itself, make sure you've still got rear warning with the hatch open.

4 TIR3 Pimp Pods Red: 1 in each rear side window, 2 in grille

2 TIR3 Pimp Pods White: 1 in each rear side window

2 TIR3 Pimp Pods Amber: Base of rear window on either side of the rear wiper. (Make sure the wiper won't get in the way)

You might want to use the dual talon as a dashlight instead of the 3 single talons, or see if you can mount the amber pimp pods inside the backup lights instead of the clear hideaways.
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May 26, 2010
New York & Florida

--2 TIR3 Pimp Pods Red and 2 white behind grill (instead of the x-pattern that most ppl recommend, how about installing 2 red on one side that will flash simultaneously, and have them alternate with the 2 white on the opposite side in order to have larger footprints)

--4 Nova W600 LAW's White in the fogs and turnsignals

--1 Dual Talon Red/Red on dash

--1 Talon on the headliner on the passenger side of the RVM (yeah, i know it's not centered, but it still gives you warning at a higher level/tier for now*)


--2 TIR3 Pimp Pods Red on a 10-75 bracket

--2 Mini Phantoms on the headliner behind the c-post


--2 TIR3 Pimp Pods Amber on LP bracket

--2 Single Talons Red on rear headliner

*if you free up the 911ep bar or get a ultralite/dominator-type bar instead, i would mount it on the rear headliner and free up the talons (so that u can have one on each side of the RVM and have 1 spare)

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