Help me with this light.

Oct 27, 2010
Irving TX
kyle252 said:
I was looking for a light bar that is similar to this. Maybe something a bit more reputable. Non Chinese, it doesnt have to be exactly like this but similar. Please let me know if you know of anywhere or if anyone can make it.

well theres always the whelen justice

or the whelen liberty


Dec 18, 2010
Taunton, MA
I saw that exact lightbar when it first came out, or at least the first version of it. The first version was sold for $350. Now, they have added more colors and a couple more flash patterns and it is $465. I think it is most attractive because of its slim size.

I can say, however, that I have bought lights from this company before. The experience was not a good one. When I had a couple questions, their was only one lady who answered the emails (Tricia) and she was very rude, unhelpful, and unprofessional. I eventually bought better lights from more reputable places and didn't have to deal with sites like this anymore.

I am curious though; I wonder how good of a lightbar it is.

Richard P

May 23, 2010
Sudbury, On
Ive seen that china bar in person, its got punch, but only dead on, still leaves a lot to be desired, a guy sells them here and showed me. its small, but its just a warning bar, no SAE or class stamps. you can get an M-tech razor from jared, the M-tech is amazing. and to make it even better, order white LEDs and get the "pillow" optic lens from the canadian version. I did that with the 16" bar, day and night difference, makes a amazing bar a-f**king-mazing!

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