Help regarding Utility setup and ideas


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Hi there !

I just purchased a 2014 Ford Interceptor Utility with the 95U (or something like that) option, the Street Apparance Package.

I will use the vehicle as K9 and Medical Response Unit.

I plan to install the following items and I'm looking to get ideas, advices and other regarding my future setup. If somebody already installed the following or similar and can give me some tricks regarding the wiring, installation, positioning et

In the front :

- 1 Feniex Fusion Passenger ILB Dual Color Amber/Red
- 2 Fusion Surface Mount 180 degrees A/R in the grille (Somebody have tricks or ideas regarding the mounting ?)
- 4 Feniex Cannons A/R (My headlight have the twist'n'lock so I think it will be a lil' bit tricky to get the cannons fit in that)

On the sides :

- 1 Feniex Cannon A/R with 360 degrees kit mounted under the mirrors
- 1 Feniex Fusion 100 Worklight on the rear passenger door (mounted horizontaly )
- 1 Feniex Fusion Surface Mount 40 degrees on a L Bracket on the rear passenger door (in the small window)
- 1 Feniex Fusion Surface Mount 40 degrees in the rear cargo window

In the rear :

- 1 Feniex Fusion 800 R/A (used as warning and/or T/A) mounted in upper part of the trunk
- 4 Feniex Cannons R/A in the Tail and Back-Up Lights (Anybody swap the factory bulb to remplace it with a cannon to use it as warning and back-up light ?)
- Maybe 2 FSM 180 degrees on a LP bracket or directly install each sides of the LP.

Everything controlled by a 4200 DL with a Storm Siren 100W and a Triton 100W Speaker.

- Havis 24'' Console (Specific for the street apparance package)
- 1 MotoTrbo XPR5550e with privacy handset and bluetooth mic
- 1 Motorola XTL5000
- 1 Ma/Com M7100
- 1 iKey keyboard
- 1 lateral adjustable pole and Gamber Johnson CF-18 Docking

Everything connected to a Copeland ENG timer

For the K9 :

- American Aluminium EZ-Rider K9 insert
- HeatAlarm
- Door Popper

Jarred J.

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So what's your question/issue?


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If somebody can give me ideas, hint, tricks regarding the installation. If there's a easiest way to install the speaker, pass the wire through the doors etc... I'd never upfit an utility before


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For the mirror lights, you shouldn't have to run any wires. There already should be a power, ground sync, and pattern wire in the connector for the mirror. See thread.

For the grill lights I would get L brackets and mount them in the gap below the grill where you can see the radiator/condenser.

There should be a wire pass through behind the glove box through the front right wheel well.

I would recommend getting twist-lock HAWs instead of using the Feniex ones. Axixtech, SoundOff, FedSig, and Code3 among others make twist-lock HAWs that are designed for the factory holes.
There should also be 12 pass-through wires under the driver side of the dash wrapped in blue tape. the same corresponding wires are behind the driver side headlight next to the ground stud, also wrapped in blue tape. For the instance where you don't have the twist lock HAWs just load it up with silicone sealer. I know its not the best way, but I have been given that situation before and was told to make it work. the hole shouldn't be that much bigger. Regarding the reverse lights, yes I have done plenty of cars using cannons to replace the bulbs, including my own. In the explorers I believe its the blue wire, but don't quote me on that

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