Help with Unitrol 800 needed


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Hello all,

I am in need of some help. I bought a used Unitrol 800 a while back but only recently had the time to have a bit of a play with it. I hooked it up and found that wail and yelp work fine but hi lo just makes a single long tone. Also I have no idea how to make the manual siren work and I have no idea if it has an air horn tone. It has three black rocker switches, one of which is momentary in both positions. It isn't marked but I though that would have been the manual/air horn switch. I will readily admit this is my first Unitrol product.

There doesn't seem to anything on the FS site that helps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Black Hoe

The Unitrol 800 had no air horn. It was strictly Wail, Yelp, Hi-Lo. Your Hi-Lo tone may have been modified to sound "Alert" which was just a straight monotone. Check inside the siren chassis for small dip switches. If you find any, changing the dip switches may change the Hi-Lo position back to a Hi-Lo tone.

The Manual Siren was normally controlled by the horn ring which meant the siren had to be hard wired into the vehicle's horn switch. You can also wire in a separate momentary switch to control the Manual siren tone.


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Thanks Hoe,

I'll have a look to see if it has that switch inside. Or if anyone has been playing with a soldering iron in there. I knew old FS sirens had the alert tone, but I didn't think it had infected Unitrols as well.

I presume that the horn ring has the option for both neg and pos side switching. I might jump one of the momentary switches to the horn ring. That should give me my manual on the actual unit.

Thanks for your help.




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Unless the unit has been modified, the large black and white rocker switches on the upper half of the faceplate have nothing to do with the siren part of the 800. They are there for the control of accessories like gunlocks, alley lights. When you open up the unit, you should be able to trace that wiring very easily.

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