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  1. codycat91

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    Having an issue lately with my Whelen HHS2200. When running code, with everything on, while switching between siren tones, I hit the Air Horn (momentary) and it seemed as though it stayed on slightly longer than I depressed it, and then immediately after, everything turned off. Every lighting output, even the backlight on the remote. Everything remained off, until I hit another button on the remote. That caused the backlight to come back on and for everything to begin acting normal again. This has happened on a couple occasions.
  2. codycat91

    codycat91 Member

    This issue only arrises when using the siren/horn. The only wires I have connected to anything from the siren speaker harness is the + and - speaker wires. Are any of the other 3 supposed to be connected to anything? (Fuse is in outlet #9 position). A little confused as to whether the white/black supposed to be connected to anything?


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