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Discussion in 'All About Visual Warning Equipment' started by codycat91, Jul 15, 2017.

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    I installed a SoundOff HLF onto my 2013 charger. It's all hooked up, and the high beams work properly when turning them on/off with the vehicles factory lever. When applying power to the red wire though, to activate the flasher, I hear the flasher click but nothing happens. The night time cutoff is not hooked up, and this happens with or without the steady high beams activated. When the steady high beams are activated and power is supplied to the flashers red wire, both high beams turn off.
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    It sounds like you forgot to hook up the wire for battery power. If you are using ETHFSS-SP-ISO then the white wire needs to go to the battery and be fused at 15 amps. This wire provides the power to the headlights when the flasher is activated.
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    That was hooked up. Like I said, high beams were working normally and I could hear the flasher clicking once when power was applied to the red wire. I called SOS and troubleshot it over the phone and we determined the flasher is defective. Still under warranty, so I'll be getting it replaced and doing double the work ughhhh

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