How to isolate the third function with a diode? Can anybody help me?

So I am going to order tricolor lightheads from SoundOff Signal. Not sure which one yet (Intersector, mPOWER or nFORCE). I would like to run those lights without using bluePRINT. Just three different OFF/ON switches. I would like to use each color separatly. 1st memory amber flashing, 2nd memory blue and white flashing, 3rd memory white steady burn). I wrote to SoundOff and they reply that this is possible: Their answer: "Looks like all but the Nforce light will work with three modes. The Configit tool as shown below will program the mpower and intersector lights to do multiple functions. You will have to isolate the third function with a diode."
But I can't find how to do that. Any ideas?

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