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Please read the rules section and/or all stickies in this section and update this thread accordingly. Please pay special attention to format requirements. Thanks for taking the time to help make this section easier to use and more useful.


  • Must disclose the circumstances under which they have come to review the item/product. This includes, but is not limited to, disclosure of compensation.
  • Must containName, brand and model number of item
  • Must contain a MSRP in a common currency.
  • Should contain the amount paid (if purchased)
  • Should contain a link for users to buy the product if applicable.
  • Must contain a detailed description of the product including how it is used.
  • Must contain a "rating" of the product (numerical, narrative or both)
  • Should contain links to the manufacturer web site
  • Must containa visual representation of the actual item being reviewed no stock photos/videos)
  • May contain other media
  • Must be formatted according to information provided in/on reviews section
  • Users should "follow" or watch their review for follow up questions
  • Posts in this section require mod approval to show up. Please allow time for your post to be reviewed.
  • Replies to reviews may only be questions or answers about the product reviewed.
  • Do not reply to someone else's review with your own review or opinion of the product

    Format Example--

    Title/Name of item - Fake Light
    Manufacturer - Marcson Tech
    Model Number - 911-72
    Link to manufacturer -
    How/why you got it - Made it up
    Purpose/Description - This is a self contained 360 degree strobe. It is taller than.... blah blah blah, lots of details.
    How you tested it/results - I mounted it on my invisible car in -40 and drove at 90mph for 16 hrs. It failed after the first 2 hrs.

    Rating (1-10, 10 is best)

    Durability 2
  • Performance/Usefulness 1
  • Innovation 1
  • Appearance 4
  • Price 7
  • Other (shipping) 3

    Total 3


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