Identify the siren and help!!


Sep 4, 2010
Hi All,

I'm new to all of this, so please be gentle with me!

Background first. I'm a Paramedic in the UK working for the NHS and have recently signed up to be a Medical First Responder. So, the service provide me the medical/clinical equipment but I'm to use my POV and kit it out at my own expence (getting paid per shout, so it should payoff soon enough).

But this has meant i've not got a huge budget or any experience in fitting out cars.

So, I've managed to cobble together some equipment... but its all used old equipment (as most prob started off with). My first problem is the attached. Its a Code3 unit with a 3 way switch - i think it's a covert unit. Can anyone tell me anymore about it? Instruction manual!? etc. ideally what wires do what (how pathetic does that sound?!!)

I've got a friend to help install it, but his expertise is In Car Entertainment/Stereo systems....

Any help/guideance would be greatly recieved.

Many thanks


code3 siren.jpg

code3 siren2.jpg


May 21, 2010
ND, USA said:
Use other connectors than the "WIRE NUTS" illustrated in that installation manual.

I can't believe they actually put that in their install manual. FAIL!!!


Sep 4, 2010
Hi all,

Sorry for dredging up such an old thread, but i have changed car and would like to be able to change siren tones via my horn. Can i do this with the below siren unit? I realise its a bit old, but is there a way of using the switch wire and my horn to make this possible? Or is it just worth replacing it with a Whelen Alpha (which i'd also need advice setting up!!)

My old set up was good, and i was generally pleased, but i want my new car to look professional and clean - just like most of yours!!



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