I'm having problems installing LS12's


Jul 12, 2010
Waukesha WI USA
I am trying to install some LS12's in the side windows of my 2004 Ford Explorer. I ran the wire to the battery and a ground. When I hook up the wire to the switch panel the lights do not work properly. They do not hold a pattern and they will flash randomly. If I run the ground and run the battery wire and the wire that would go to the switch and just go right to the battery, it will work fine. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?




Jul 12, 2010
Waukesha WI USA
They are both giving me problems. I called 911ep when I had problems with the one with the plug. They suggested cutting the plug off and running the two wires together. It is odd that they both work when I just run them to the battery.
May 24, 2010
East Longmeadow, MA
wow thats weird especially since cutting the plug off voids the warranty I wold re-read the wiring diagram again, and try getting the diagram from the website since they can change, or contact them for warranty replacement


Jun 14, 2010
eden valley mn
get just a cig plug outlet and run wire for power and ground see if that works. if it dose then its the factory cig outlet issue. so then use the aftermarket one and just tape the 2 cig plugs togetther and call it good.

or try a diffenrt switch or something.
Nov 21, 2010
Pelican Rapids, MN
chuck_raduenz said:
wrong. each wire is positive switched

+1 Positive switched.

On older versions you could power a pattern wire with the power wire right off the switch.

On newer versions the power wire must be connected to constant 12v and only the pattern wire to switch for it to operate properly. Make sure the red power wire has 12v before introducing 12v to any pattern wires.

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