In between tones


May 24, 2010
Laval, Canada
Hey all!

There was a thread or part of a thread on the old forum that talked about the in-between tones...

I recently acquired a PA15a 1-E director siren. Just can't seem to be able to find the in-between tone on that one but I've read you're able to get those tones on that particular siren. I suppose it's gonna be between wail and yelp since the director don't have hi-lo or alert tone...

All I get is a kind of alert tone when I try the in-between...

Anything i'm missing? Siren works like a charm by the way...

Thanks all!


May 24, 2010
Are you sure it's a 1E? Does it have high-pitched wail and yelp tones? Is there a set of wires running overtop of the circuit board or are all the wires underneath the circuit board? 1E has all the wires underneath the board. 1D and earlier models have wires running overtop.

The 1E should make a chirping sound if you catch the selector knob between wail and yelp. All of the older high-pitched Federal electronic sirens will chirp between wail and yelp (PA15A 1E, PA20A 2E, PA20A B, PA150, PA170, PA200, and PA1000).

The down side to playing in-between tones is that you will eventually burn out the diodes in the siren oscillator circuit.


May 24, 2010
Laval, Canada
It's definitely a PA15a 1E... I know I'll burn the diodes if I leave it too long in between... Just want to try it once...

I guess I have to find the sweet spot... Very twitchy though...

Thanks wailer!!

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